Nothing is for everyone.

Majority of people can’t live without meat, but there will always be vegetarians.

Some people believe in climate change, some people go against it.

So, when it comes to casino, there are tons of different preferences players have.

You can find people that play free casino games at real casinos. But ask around and you’ll meet plenty of your friends who pay real money for play money coins on social casino apps.

Everyone has their own taste.

However, we think that Casumo does a brilliant job of overcoming this. Truthfully, no matter who is your favorite, Casumo is a casino every player must try.

Big Start

In a couple of years since launch, Casumo had already a shelf full of awards and recognitions from the most prominent organizations and ceremonies in the casino industry. They had all the essentials taken care off, plus a fresh idea – a casino adventure.

What often happens, however, is that after trying their best for a few years, online casinos get complacent. This is where Casumo stands out.

They are not slacking off even after 6 years since launch.

In addition to one of the best bonus offers in the world, they keep working hard to produce a regular influx of new games to the platform.

How to Claim £1000s in Casumo Rewards

Before we get into the financials, let us remind you that at Casumo you start with a free offer. An incredible one, at that. Casumo gives every new player 200 spins as a starter bonus.

But if you want to make a deposit and claim everything what Casumo has to offer, you will need a bankroll and 5 deposits. This is because Casumo offers a 5-way deposit deal starting with 200 percent first deposit bonus and ending with 25 percent fifth deposit bonus.

All in all, you can claim over £1200, plus loyalty rewards, promotions and giveaways. Oh, if you become a Casumo player, make sure to give them a follow on social media. You will get access to fantastic weekly promotions as well as a friendly community.

Fantastic support

Here’s a statement from Casumo:

Human and humble core values and communication is something everyone constantly strives to improve.

These are not just words. When you are Casumo’s player and you’re in trouble, you will can experience this statement come to life in every one of the Casumo’s actions.