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Should You Be Playing The Tomb Raider Slot Right Now?

  • The Tomb Raider slot still attracts lots of players
  • Microgaming released this game back in 2008
  • The attractive-looking Lara Croft enjoys going on an adventure

As we all know, the global slot machine market is over-saturated. All sorts of titles, from all sorts of developers, can be found in the libraries of online casino sites.

But, the games from a renowned developer such as Microgaming are on a completely different level. Such is the case with the Tomb Raider slot as well. Released over a decade ago, this particular slot machine is still attractive and enticing.

Nonetheless, should you be playing the Tomb Raider slot right now? Read our Tomb Raider slot review and find out!

General Features Of The Tomb Raider Slot Machine

Tomb Raider Slot GameEver since 1994, Microgaming is a part of the global gaming scene. Because of their long-lasting tradition, they are well-versed in creating high-quality slots. In 2008, they created the Tomb Raider slot.

The game features 5 reels and 15 paylines. Of course, this was a standard setup at the time. Also, the game offers medium RTP of 96,56%. Such a return percentage is decent, i.e. within the industry standard.

Unfortunately, Tomb Raider does not incorporate a progressive jackpot. As a result, the maximum amount that players can win is limited to 7.500 coins. With that in mind, it is important to mention that the Tomb Raider slot machine is not an ideal option for high-rollers.

Symbols And Graphics

To be honest, the appearances of this game have been trampled by time. In other words, the graphics look a bit outdated.

Even so, the attractive English adventurer, Mrs. Lara Croft still looks as good as ever. As you probably guessed by now, this slots game is inspired by the well-known movie and video games of the same name.

Tomb Raider Slot Symbols

Aside from the charming professional thief, the Tomb Raider slot machine features other symbols as well. For instance, the Tomb Raider logo acts as a Wild, which means that this icon has the power to substitute all other symbols on the reels. There is also a Bonus card that portrays a character similar to Buddha.

Bonus Features Of The Tomb Raider Slot

The Scatter symbol in the Tomb Raider slot features Lara Croft in her well-known stance, with two menacing pistols crossed on her chest. But, fear not, for this symbol can reward you with 10 free spins. All you need to do is land 3x Scatter symbols on the reels. In addition, the Scatter works as a multiplier.

Likewise, 3x Bonus symbols will take you to a new screen. This feature is called the Tomb Bonus Round, and it relies on a pick-and-choose system. The players are presented with a 12-field grid. If you pick the right field, a generous reward of up to 2.500 coins could go your way.

The Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that the Tomb Raider slot lacks flashy animations and gimmicks that can be found with today’s slots games.

Even so, the fans of Lara Croft and her endeavors could experience the feeling of nostalgia when playing this game. With two bonus features, the Tomb Raider slot can even be rewarding and generous.

Pick a Mobile Casino – What to Look For

Let’s imagine you have never played in a mobile casino before. That first app you download might define everything. How can you know if it’s any good?

  • You get a bankroll. It may be 20,000 coins. Or 100 million coins.
  • You also see some free coins. A gift when you open the app, a gift for the first spin, and for logging in via your Facebook account. Or for a myriad of other things. Casinos get really creative here.
  • And you get some games to play. But at the end of the day, these are slots, not rocket science.  You mostly spin the reels and expect a payout.

So, how can you know whether you’ve stumbled upon a good or a bad mobile casino? How can you know whether it’s a great one?

There are some signs to look for.

Annoyance levels

If you’re annoyed, that’s not a good sign. But you must remember something. Even though it’s a free app, the developers are running a business. There is bound to be some ads.

mobile casino appsHow much is too much? Try giving the developers some slack, if the flow of the game is not frequently disrupted.

Because we all get adds when we open the app. But if it continues, it might be time to get away.

Bet Levels are Important

A casino where you get 20,000 coins (like the Caesars Casino) and a casino where you get 100 million coins (like the Tycoon Casino) are not that different.

True colors of the casino are shown in the minimum and maximum betting levels compared to your starting bankroll. In other words, the amount of spins you can make with your bankroll is the key.

For some reference, 100 spins is low, 300 is okay, while anything above 400 is great.

Number of Games Available

Mobile Casino Games This one comes down to pure preference. Some casinos will lock 99 percent of their games and ask you to play, raise your experience level and unlock games one by one.

Others will allow you to play almost any game on the app.

If you want your casino to feel more of a journey, go with the former. Just make sure they are not holding you back for too long until you are allowed to play more games.

If you’re more of a free soul, you go with the latter.

Fun Extras are Fun. Or Are They?

Extras. Or distractions. You can choose the name, but it doesn’t change what they really are. Which is any feature that is not slots itself.

Some casinos will allow you to build a city by completing levels (Monopoly Slots Casino is a great example), others will provide rare collectibles, or let you join VIP clubs (Jackpot Magic Slots), participate in tournaments, even play Snakes and Ladders.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you will find plenty of options. If you just want to play, there are casinos for you too.

When the Sequel is Better than the Original: Thunderstruck II

Which one is better, Thunderstruck or Thunderstruck II? It’s a legit question. Both are amazing slots from Microgaming. And, if not for the first, there would none of the second.

Despite your own feelings regarding either of the slot machines, undeniably Thunderstruck II became a bigger success than its predecessor.

Differences Between Thunderstruck and Thunderstuck II

thunderstruck 2 paylinesThere are big differences between the two. Instead of 9 paylines, Thunderstruck II is a 243-payline slot. Which also changes the play limits.

On Thunderstruck you could play $0.01 cent per line up to $2 per line. However, Thunderstuck II became much more expensive ($0.30 per spin minimum).

These differences may be a big part behind the difference in popularity of the series. Perhaps there are more players that like 243-paylines compared to 9-payline slot fans.

Especially when you consider that the graphics haven’t changed that much. Thunderstruck II does look better but only slightly. You could even say that the visuals were updated just so the players could tell the two slots apart.

Because the symbols also stayed very much the same.

But a much more likely reason why Thunderstruck II became a bigger success than the first edition. And it’s not what you think.

How to Make a Hit Slot: Secret Recipe to Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II free spinsIf you know both slots, you probably think that RTP made a difference. Return-to-player ratio increased from 96.1 percent to 96.6 percent!

But the truth is that Microgaming simply made a much better marketing decision. At the time, Microgaming’s biggest rival was NetEnt’s Starburst. Everywhere you looked there were 10 free Starburst spins.

So, Microgaming went bigger. They contacted the casinos and approved a 50 free spins Thunderstruck no deposit offer. And it worked like a charm.

Starburst 10 spins x 10 cents meant you get $1 in free value.
Thunderstruck II 50 free spins at 0.30 meant you are getting $15 in no-risk value.

Nowadays these 50 free spins Thunderstuck II offers are not as common as they already did their job. The offer produced thousands of loyal players. But you should keep an eye out because from time to time you can still find 50 no deposit free spins on Thunderstruck II (even on the original Thunderstruck slot.)

Which slot do you like more? Have you played both? Leave a message and we’ll get back to you if we find another 50 free spins offer. – Your #1 Casino Guide

Finding a casino is not hard. That’s the first lesson every casino player finds out. Especially online. So many casinos, each with its own theme and bonuses.

But that’s why getting lost among mediocre, or even bad sites it’s so easy. To get the best and the latest bonuses and honest casino reviews, you need a trustworthy resource.

Video Slots Free Spins may be exactly what you are looking for.

Why is The Best Guide to Online Casinos

Video Slots Free Spins was launched several years ago. Today we can easily call it one of the best resources for casinos and slots.

There are several key factors taken into account:

  • Quantity

There’s no point to going to a site if there’s no new information to discover. Video Slots Free Spins in a couple of years produced dozens of high-quality articles and guides for players trying to find the next great casino or slots machine.

The content ranges from slots and casino reviews to uncovering casino’s biggest untold secrets.

  • Consistency

Not only Video Slots Free Spins already have hours’ worth of valuable content, they are constantly providing more. Casino reviews, in-depth dives into the top-rated mobile apps, tips on how to play offline and much more.

Every month brings some golden content nuggets. Check out yourself at

  • Honesty

Best Guide to Online CasinosWhatever you read on Video Slots Free Spins, casino reviews, app reviews, or slot guides, you can be sure it’s the honest opinion of their team.

If the brand quality decreases, Video Slots Free Spins change their reviews accordingly. Sometimes with a short note, other times by deleting the review altogether.

In the end, they seem to try their best to maintain only the highest quality casinos on their site. Which is, truthfully, admirable. Because going for the cash is way too easy these days.

Worth a look?

We are not claiming that Video Slots Free Spins is perfect. Certainly not. But they are giving it a try.

Besides, a casino guide is like a roadmap. A good one will save you tons of money. A bad one will leave you wandering for hours without any tangible results.

So, even if turns out as not something you are looking for, it’s still worth checking out and making sure it’s really the case.

Because the potential reward is colossal without any downsides.

Have You Tried This Slot Already? Legendary!

Legendary. It’s a great word, isn’t it? But what does it mean? Is it just the test of time? The level of appreciation? Recognition from the rivals?

Maybe it’s all of it? It’s hard to tell.

But what is clear is that when most casino players think of a word ‘legendary’, most of them think about the same slot. Lucky Lady’s Charm. What’s so special about Lucky Lady?

Let’s take a look.

How to Become a Part of History: Lucky Lady

When you think of today’s films, you probably can agree that style over form frequently leads. We’re not saying it’s bad. It’s just how it is. CGI now does half of the job of the actors and directors.

Same goes for slots. Browse through the biggest names of the past months and you’ll discover that most of the focus goes to the visual effects of the slot.

Like a classic Fellini film, first slots couldn’t rely on effects because the possibilities were pretty limited 70 years ago. So, to stand out you had to be remarkable. No gimmicks.

To us this makes Lucky Lady’s Charm a flawless slot machine. For a long time, this slot was, of course, a brick and mortar casino game. And while the start was a bit rocky (which even the creator of the slot admits to), the slot blew up. All throughout Las Vegas it was a highlight slot put in the best places.

Doesn’t it say volumes that even with today’s competition it’s still incredibly popular at the brick and mortar casinos.

The great news is that it’s now available online, as well.

Play Lucky Lady’s Charm Today

Lucky Lady’s Charm (or as it’s commonly known Lucky Lady) is a Novomatic slot featuring 10 paylines. It’s a great looking game, especially given that it’s over 30 years old.

Keep in mind that every line is 0.04c to play.

Overall, the game is beginner-friendly. It certainly doesn’t feel overstuffed with features to give an impression of being something it’s not (we all know several of these slots). The game has a Scatter symbol that triggers 50 free spins bonus round.

Lucky Lady – world’s favorite slot or most nostalgic?

Compared to 3000 slots in today’s market, Lucky Lady in many ways is not exceptional. Many games have copied Lucky Lady’s Charm, many games gave novelty features and bigger jackpots.

So, is it simply nostalgia why most people come back to this slot machine? It’s hard to say but the fact is that Lucky Lady is still among top 10 slots on many casinos, online and live.

Get free spins with bonuses – no deposit is required

How to get free spins for games on online casino platforms without a deposit, you might wonder now? The answer is quite simple, looking at it. Because some platforms in the online gambling industry offer new customers immediately after signing up for free games, deposit is not required. How to find these providers and luscious bonuses even when making a deposit can be found here.

Unknown suppliers

Often, lesser-known providers, who have not done much advertising until now, or have been on the market for a short time, are offering big bonuses. The best-known platforms, including Mr. Green, for example, also offers a lot of free spins. These are only playable if you have redeemed the free spins bonus through a deposit. There can be no question here of a “No Deposit Bonus”.

Research and Find

However, how to find providers who are currently offering a free spins code is a question that cannot be answered in one sentence. Vendors can be found through various options. On the one hand, you can, for example, research in English or international gambling forms, you will often come across one or the other code for free spins. Or you go to known comparison portals, the online casinos such as Bwin, Mr. Green, but also less well-known providers to check their bonuses.

Or you simply use the search engines like Google or Bing to get results. After all, the buzzword “No Deposit Bonus” is widely used and seems to be on the lookout for free spins.

Certain Casinos

BGO, for example, in UK certainly not the most famous provider, but the bonuses and promotions of BGO Casino are at a peak level, which only a few online casino providers ever provide. The platform offers, for example, a bonus of 200 percent on the first deposit, with the next three also bonuses of up to 800 euros in total available. You get a bonus of up to 1500 Euro as a new customer. For casino providers a peak. But what for people who could not be more interesting at any deposit is the possibility to get free spins already at the registration (not the deposit).

A total of 20 free spins for the game Starburst are available at the supplier after registration. Certainly, one of the few bonuses that can be obtained at online casinos for the UK market without deposit.

Off the bonuses without deposit

It should not be forgotten despite the possibility to play on BGO Casino for free that also deposit bonuses can often be very good. After all, there are often double or triple the deposit on top of it. These bonuses can then be used for many games, not just Starburst or a few others. If you want to play for free, for example, the Starburst offer at BGO Casino may be useful, but otherwise it is recommended to look better for a good welcome bonus. By such bonuses hours of fun at the same price is possible, while free games at Starburst are usually very quickly lost.

Bonus without registration: Everything you need to know

For good bonuses you need a high deposit, think many people who have not dealt so much with online gambling so far. However, the reality is different, because many providers worldwide offer bonuses that are already available from the registration to use, not only after you have paid a certain amount. This is of course gladly used by casino users. There are few providers who offer a bonus without registration and promote. Just for that reason you should know all about the rare but desirable “No Deposit Bonus” options.

BGO Casino as an example of no deposit bonuses

The article certainly is not a bonus step by step guide, but we provide important guidelines for finding and finding new no deposit bonuses. It is currently known a provider who offers a significant bonus without deposit: Casino BGO. However, the casino operator with the bald man as a promotional mascot offers a lot of other bonuses, including a no deposit bonus.

You get a bonus of 20 free spins for the game Starburst at BGO Casino. You can play these free spins immediately after the deposit. The situation is different with the rest of the deposit bonus, which certainly belongs to one of the biggest bonuses at online casinos. Ultimately, you can get here up to 1500 euros in the first four deposits. The highest percentage is offered at the first deposit, here you get 200 percent on the first deposit.

Alternatives to bonus promotions without deposit

It is, however, for a casino player who plays regularly on casino sites to consider whether the bonus is not the deposit bonus. Finally, a Starburst game can be played quickly, so 20 free spins for the game are quickly lost. On known and lesser known casino sites you will usually find usually bigger bonuses that you can consider as a new customer. Because then you can play with a deposit of, for example, 50 euros suddenly with 100 or 150 – a noticeable difference.

How to find and select bonus offers

Some bonus offers are tied to overly strict bonus conditions. It is often exhausting to do so, and sometimes you can feel a bit of stress while playing games. It is therefore worthwhile to read carefully how to actually receive the bonus amount. Therefore, comparison pages can make sense when it comes to the use of bonus offers.

There are often also so-called bonus ratings, which are awarded by other casino players. They indicate the practice suitability of the bonus. In the category “No Deposit Bonus” you will find a large number of sites that have issued such codes or provide bonuses in another form without a new application.

These bonuses are usually limited to free spins. The free spins can usually be redeemed on one or several games chosen by the casino operator. These are usually games like Starburst or Millionaire Genie. But if you want to be free about your bonus and play with the games that you just feel like, you can not avoid a deposit.

How to find the best casino for you?

The high number of online casinos makes it difficult for some new customers to make the right choice at the online casino. There is too much choice and too many platforms that promise a lot, based on which criteria can one then determine which is the right one? In order to give a rough overview, we give you the most important key data of significant casino platforms in the English-speaking area. In the Casino Test, where all important online casinos are looked through, you will find important information you need for the choice of the casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of casino providers


Wunderino is one of the less well-known providers in the digital gambling world. But the casino also offers tempting games and a handsome welcome bonus, which in terms of generosity is hard to beat. With a deposit of just 10 euros, you will receive an additional 50 euros. With it are still 30 free spins, which one receives with the deposit again to it. A bonus in the amount of 500 percent is really an exception in online casinos and a very generous welcome offer.

Energy Casino

However, experiencing Energy Casino is not a bad idea either. Because even here you will start to play courage and the intention to play on the platform, richly rewarded. Because even here there is a welcome bonus, which brings up to 200 euros in addition to the gaming account. You get 100% extra on the first deposit. Other betting bonus offers are also relatively generous on the platform, so you get at the second deposit the so-called “Casino Reload Bonus”, where you get 50% bonus money in the amount of up to 200 €.


Other providers such as LV Bet are also relatively generous in dealing with new customers. The platform offers about a bonus of 1000 €, in addition there are plenty of free spins. But you can play through the entire bonus only if you really make four deposits, in which you set the maximum totals total of 1000 Euro bonus to come. Free games are available for the games Starbust, Aloha, Joker Pro and Wild Wild West. Any amount of entertainment is guaranteed with this strong combination of bonus and free spins.

BGO casino

BGO Casino can also be proud of the bonus promotions. However, the provider not only provides entertainment with online casino, roulette and other games, but also has bingo on offer. Other casinos are there anyway, but BGO could possibly be the one with the most generous bonus. There are 20 free spins on the registration without deposit, the first deposit gives you 100% bonus, which amounts to a maximum of 100 Euro. Within nine days, you will also have 180 free spins on various games as part of the bonus. For a provider who only a few years ago specialized in bingo certainly a great achievement and a successful offer for new customers.

Which platform you should choose as a new customer, therefore, depends on the deposit amount. With higher deposits, the platform LV Bet and BGO Casino are certainly recommended.

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