Let’s imagine you have never played in a mobile casino before. That first app you download might define everything. How can you know if it’s any good?

  • You get a bankroll. It may be 20,000 coins. Or 100 million coins.
  • You also see some free coins. A gift when you open the app, a gift for the first spin, and for logging in via your Facebook account. Or for a myriad of other things. Casinos get really creative here.
  • And you get some games to play. But at the end of the day, these are slots, not rocket science.  You mostly spin the reels and expect a payout.

So, how can you know whether you’ve stumbled upon a good or a bad mobile casino? How can you know whether it’s a great one?

There are some signs to look for.

Annoyance levels

If you’re annoyed, that’s not a good sign. But you must remember something. Even though it’s a free app, the developers are running a business. There is bound to be some ads.

mobile casino appsHow much is too much? Try giving the developers some slack, if the flow of the game is not frequently disrupted.

Because we all get adds when we open the app. But if it continues, it might be time to get away.

Bet Levels are Important

A casino where you get 20,000 coins (like the Caesars Casino) and a casino where you get 100 million coins (like the Tycoon Casino) are not that different.

True colors of the casino are shown in the minimum and maximum betting levels compared to your starting bankroll. In other words, the amount of spins you can make with your bankroll is the key.

For some reference, 100 spins is low, 300 is okay, while anything above 400 is great.

Number of Games Available

Mobile Casino Games This one comes down to pure preference. Some casinos will lock 99 percent of their games and ask you to play, raise your experience level and unlock games one by one.

Others will allow you to play almost any game on the app.

If you want your casino to feel more of a journey, go with the former. Just make sure they are not holding you back for too long until you are allowed to play more games.

If you’re more of a free soul, you go with the latter.

Fun Extras are Fun. Or Are They?

Extras. Or distractions. You can choose the name, but it doesn’t change what they really are. Which is any feature that is not slots itself.

Some casinos will allow you to build a city by completing levels (Monopoly Slots Casino is a great example), others will provide rare collectibles, or let you join VIP clubs (Jackpot Magic Slots), participate in tournaments, even play Snakes and Ladders.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you will find plenty of options. If you just want to play, there are casinos for you too.