I don’t hate Realm Grinder. It just has a few problems. We certainly can agree on that, can’t we?

The point is, Realm Grinder does very well what it is supposed to be doing. That is, being a mobile, clicker-type game. My problem with the Realm Grinder was all the confusion I felt while playing. It’s a noisy game, with tons of stories, challenges, material management, etc.

But what seems to be a disadvantage, can be quickly turned upside down. You only need to understand it better.

How Do Realm Grinder Challenges Work

Realm Grinder ChallengesRealm Grinder is what you get if you cross something like Heroes of might and Magic (PC, turn-based strategy) with a classic Black and White (PC, city builder game). You must make a major decision from the get-go. Are you going to be a good ruler or an evil one.

There are six factions that represent the good side as well as six to represent the evil side. To progress in the game, you have to complete challenges for one of the factions (Humans, Necromancers, Elves, etc.).

If you don’t care about fast progress, feel free to try out doing challenges for different factions and see which ones feel best.

But if you want to keep up with other players, you need an air-tight strategy. Here’s a challenge guide that will be helpful.

Realm Grinder Challenges Guide

Challenges are available since Realm Grinder v.1.4 and are separated into tiers. Each tier has own broad requirements (faction, faction and bloodline, etc.). as well as specific challenge requirements.

First, a challenge must be unlocked by meeting the requirements. Then it can be completed.

Also, just because you belong to a faction, does not mean you can complete Tier 1 Challenge and follow up by moving to Tier 2 Challenge of the same type. Some Challenges are available for two or more different factions, while they split in higher tiers.

So, if you have picked a faction (or are planning to), browse through future challenges to better understand your future strategy.

Remember, Realm Grinder is still receiving updates. The information above may not be 100 percent correct, depending on when you read this.

Realm Grinder – Going Forward

Realm Grinder StrategyIn the Realm Grinder, your focus should be automation. The easier you make the gathering of materials and producing buildings, the easier you will progress. In fact, many times you may need to tear down some buildings in order to optimize production.

Though, it’s always worth the trouble. Even one second off, will save you tens of thousands of rubies as well as other material.

Realm Grinder is extremely beginner-friendly. So much so, I would recommend making nit your first clicker-type game, no matter whether you play on Steam, Android, or iOS. While you play with other players, no one can attack you. So, instead of fast building, do your best to plan ahead of time. If you need, check out the Realm Grinder building perks guide.