You know how people say that no one really deletes apps. You sort of just stop using them. Same thing happened to me at Scatter Slots.

As far as I remember, they didn’t have many slots. Or at least they had less slots than the next social casino I’ve found myself in.

A short year later, I found the name of Scatter Slots in one article about slots hacks and decided to give that casino another go.

I can’t remember much about how I felt when I played back in the day, but clearly it wasn’t enticing enough for me to keep playing. this time, I’m amazed.

Scatter Slots – What’s Different?

On the surface, they haven’t changed that much. There’s still that magical, feminine energy all up in the air. Something that attracted me the first time around.

But Scatter Slots feels like a different place. The payouts are simply astonishing.

Scatter Slots appIf you don’t know, you start Scatter Slots with 12 million coins as your bankroll. You complete various quests and more forward in game.

Quests can ask you to spin a certain amount of times, collect a specific symbol a number of times, play max for several spins.

So, there is slight pressure to play a certain way. Especially the last one really left me worried about my bankroll.

But then you get surprises like FREE max bet for one minute. not only did I survive, bet I managed to significantly raise my bankroll. Actually, daily as well as hourly bonuses are much better now, too.

All those gifts and surprise bonuses on slots machines really kept me engaged and excited to play every day.

And then there were the feature wins. For instance, Scatter Slots will announce a promotion for the National Anthem game. They will update the app with a special game dedicated to that day. It’s not a traditional slot, but usually you can spin a reel, throw a dice,  or actively choose your prize.

In any case, features like these always brighten the experience. They is always something new. Time is limited, so you get that nice rush. And, at least in my case, these extras were extremely generous to me.

Since I began my return journey at Scatter Slots, I grew my bankroll 40 times. Around half of it thanks to the promotional features, while the other half came from a very successful.

Scatter Slots Play

Is Scatter Slots the Best place to Play?

It’s not. Not for the majority of slot machine enthusiasts. But for me, it ticks all the boxes a good casino (mobile or online) must have. Theme and character, an easy interface to understand as well as some winning potential. Given I’ve my 12 million-coin bankroll is now at 400 million (without any purchases), I’d say there’s plenty of potential.

While it is a great place to play, I’m curious to know about your Scatter Slots experience. Leave a comment below.