Legendary. It’s a great word, isn’t it? But what does it mean? Is it just the test of time? The level of appreciation? Recognition from the rivals?

Maybe it’s all of it? It’s hard to tell.

But what is clear is that when most casino players think of a word ‘legendary’, most of them think about the same slot. Lucky Lady’s Charm. What’s so special about Lucky Lady?

Let’s take a look.

How to Become a Part of History: Lucky Lady

When you think of today’s films, you probably can agree that style over form frequently leads. We’re not saying it’s bad. It’s just how it is. CGI now does half of the job of the actors and directors.

Same goes for slots. Browse through the biggest names of the past months and you’ll discover that most of the focus goes to the visual effects of the slot.

Like a classic Fellini film, first slots couldn’t rely on effects because the possibilities were pretty limited 70 years ago. So, to stand out you had to be remarkable. No gimmicks.

To us this makes Lucky Lady’s Charm a flawless slot machine. For a long time, this slot was, of course, a brick and mortar casino game. And while the start was a bit rocky (which even the creator of the slot admits to), the slot blew up. All throughout Las Vegas it was a highlight slot put in the best places.

Doesn’t it say volumes that even with today’s competition it’s still incredibly popular at the brick and mortar casinos.

The great news is that it’s now available online, as well.

Play Lucky Lady’s Charm Today

Lucky Lady’s Charm (or as it’s commonly known Lucky Lady) is a Novomatic slot featuring 10 paylines. It’s a great looking game, especially given that it’s over 30 years old.

Keep in mind that every line is 0.04c to play.

Overall, the game is beginner-friendly. It certainly doesn’t feel overstuffed with features to give an impression of being something it’s not (we all know several of these slots). The game has a Scatter symbol that triggers 50 free spins bonus round.

Lucky Lady – world’s favorite slot or most nostalgic?

Compared to 3000 slots in today’s market, Lucky Lady in many ways is not exceptional. Many games have copied Lucky Lady’s Charm, many games gave novelty features and bigger jackpots.

So, is it simply nostalgia why most people come back to this slot machine? It’s hard to say but the fact is that Lucky Lady is still among top 10 slots on many casinos, online and live.